Here at Mediterranevm, our expert regional chefs create modern takes on classic Mediterranean recipes.

Using only the finest ingredients to ensure our guest experience the true flavours of the Mediterranean.

Daily specials and extra dishes, including Catch of the Day, are also available. Ask a member of staff for details.

All our menus can be downloaded individually from MENU DOWNLOADS below.


Focaccia Siciliana v £4.50
Focaccia bread topped with sun blushed tomatoes and sea salt, served with a creamy feta dip.

Kalamata Olives vg £5.95
Kalamata olives marinated and served with sourdough bread.

Cod Fritters £6.95
Tempura Atlantic cod with chipotle sauce.

Wild Mushrooms vg £6.95
Mixed wild mushrooms cooked with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine, accompanied by sourdough bread.

Soup of the Day v £7.15
Home-made soup of the day accompanied by sourdough bread.

Goat Cheese Burek v £7.95
Garroxta goats’ cheese mixed with spinach and Mediterranean herbs, wrapped in filo pastry and flavoured with Strega liqueur, honey and walnuts.

Andalusian Meatballs £8.50
Homemade succulent pork and beef Meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, garlic and chilli.

Calamari Fritti £8.65
Deep fried squid served with lemon tartare sauce.

Halloumi Mediterranevm v £8.75
Halloumi cheese served on a bed of grilled polenta, rocket pesto and baby leaves.

Pinchos de Pollo £9.45
Skewers of corn fed chicken thighs marinated in lemon, honey and ginger, served on a bed of marinated bulgur.

Cozze Agli Agretti £10.50 
Cornish mussels cooked in a white wine, samphire and saffron sauce with a hint of chilli.

Garlic and Chilli King Prawns £10.95
King prawns pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, spring onion and tomato sauce.

Meze Platter £8.95pp
Platter of fine dishes selected by our chef to bring you a flavour of the Mediterranevm, served with pita bread.
(For a minimum of 2 people)

Fritto Misto £18.95
Mixed fried fish served with lemon garlic mayonnaise and fresh lemon.

Moroccan Vegetable Tajine vg £12.50
Vegetables in a spicy sauce flavoured with raisins and nuts and served with marinated bulgur, lemon and fresh herbs.

Tagliatelle Verdi Primavera v £13.50
Fresh spinach tagliatelle cooked with courgettes, mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil and white wine.

Mushroom & Goats’ Cheese Risotto v £14.50
Italian arborio rice infused with mixed wild mushrooms, goats cheese and red wine.

Moussaka £14.95
Layers of aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, minced lamb and béchamel, baked and served with Greek salad.

Tagliatelle al Ragú £15.95
Tagliatelle bathed in our signature slow-cooked bolognese ragú.

Pechuga de Pollo con Serrano £16.95
Chicken wrapped in parma ham, stuffed with Piquillo peppers and Manchego cheese in a creamy chorizo and n’duja sauce with baby root vegetables.

Orchidee al Tartufo v £17.95
Orchid-shaped tortelloni filled with ricotta and wild truffle, in a creamy wild truffle mushroom sauce.

Lamb Kleftiko £18.50
Slow cooked lamb shank in rosemary gravy, accompanied with creamy mashed potatoes.

Linguine allo Scoglio £18.95
Linguine cooked with king prawns, clams, mussels, cherry tomato, garlic, white wine and chilli.

Guanciale Italiano £19.75
Braised beef cheeks, cooked in a spicy lentil sauce with red wine and tomatoes, served with grilled polenta.

Middle Eastern Chicken £16.50
Chicken marinated in paprika, cumin, sumac, cinnamon, garlic and lemon, char-grilled and served with sweet potatoes.

Sirloin Steak £24.95
Himalayan salt-aged beef sirloin steak char-grilled, accompanied with hand cut chips.

Filetto di Manzo £29.75
Himalayan salt-aged beef fillet steak char-grilled and served with hand cut chips.

Additional sauce £3.50
Choose from either Wild mushrooms and truffle, Peppercorn, Pizzaiola or Barolo sauce.

Chips vg £3.75
Hand cut chips.

Seasonal Vegetables vg £4.75
Selection of vegetables of the day.

Patate in Padella v £4.95
Sautéed potatoes with rosemary and onions.

Mixed Salad vg £5.25
Mixed leaf salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Truffle Fries v £6.00
With truffle mayo, truffle oil and Parmesan.

Verduras a la Plancha vg £6.50
Grilled peppers, aubergines, sweet potatoes and courgettes flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Greek Salad v £8.50
Cucumber, tomato, Kalamata olives, onion, crumbled feta, extra virgin olive oil.


Choose from:

Penne Napoli vg
Penne pasta with tomato sauce.

Penne al Formaggio v
Penne pasta with cheese sauce.

Penne Bolognese
Penne pasta with classic bolognese ragú.

Fish Fingers
Breaded fish fingers.

Chicken Goujons
Breaded chicken strips.

The children’s meals come with fries, salad and a complimentary scoop of ice cream.
Choose from either vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio or hazelnut.

For children up to and including the age of ten.


Tiramisu £7.00
The ultimate Italian trifle made with savoiardi biscuits, cream, coffee and Amaretto liqueur.

Baklava £7.00
Superb, traditional Greek dessert, rich and sweet, made of layers of filo stuffed with chopped nuts and held together with honey.

Cheesecake Of The Day £7.00
Please ask a member of the staff about our freshly prepared homemade cheesecake.

Crema Catalana £7.00
This gorgeous custard dessert is Spain’s version of creme brûlée.
Just a memorable way to finish the meal.

Chocolate Pudding £7.50
Tempting gooey-centred chocolate sponge pudding made with real Belgian chocolate.

Why not add a scoop of any gelato or sorbet or double cream to your dessert for only 95p!

Gelato & Sorbet (per scoop) £2.75

Choose from:



Lemon Sorbet




Cheese Platter £10.95
A platter of high quality assorted cheeses to round off your meal.


Truffled Scrambled Eggs on Toast • £8.50
Scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough with truffle oil and chopped chives

Avocado and Poached Eggs on Toast • £8.50
Soft poached eggs on crushed avocado with lime, coriander and chilli

Add Smoked Salmon
Crispy Pancetta
Grated Parmesan for £2

Grilled Asparagus and Poached Eggs • £8.50
2 Soft poached eggs with grilled asparagus and olive oil

Add Toasted Sourdough • £1.50

All our eggs are free range

Grilled Halloumi v £10
Halloumi tossed in salsa verde, with sweet grilled red peppers in sourdough

Roasted Mushrooms vg £10
Rosemary and thyme roasted mushrooms with sweet sun blushed tomatoes and rocket in grilled sourdough

Italian Sausage £11.50
Fennel spiced sausage, rocket, onion jam and Dijonaise in grilled sourdough

Smoked Pancetta • £11.50
Crispy pancetta, rocket and tomato chutney in grilled sourdough

House Special

Mediterranevm Shakshuka v • £10
2 Soft poached eggs baked in a spiced roasted pepper and tomato sauce, with feta cheese. Served with toasted sourdough

Fresh Fruit and Greek Yoghurt £5.50
Strawberries, mango and blueberries with honey and chia seeds

French Toast £7.50
Pan-fried cinnamon brioche, topped with Greek yogurt and fresh berries, drizzled with maple syrup

Toasted Sourdough £3.75
With salted butter and raspberry jam

Warm Croissant • £3.75
With salted butter and raspberry jam

Drinks Menu

Pimm’s and Lemonade • £6.95
Pimm’s, lemonade, orange, strawberries, cucumber and mint.

Martini • £8.50
Gin, vermouth, olive, a twist of lemon.

Aperol Spritz • £8.15
Aperol, Prosecco, Soda and a slice of Sicilian orange

Negroni • £8.65
Sweet vermouth, Campari, gin.

Margarita • £8.15
Tequila, Cointreau, lime, salt or sugar rim.

Espresso Martini • £9.45
Vodka, Tia Maria, vanilla syrup, freshly brewed espresso.

Pink Lady • £9.15
Pink gin, strawberries tonic water, orange twist.

Bramble • £10.20
Gin, blackberry, Crème de Mure, lemon juice, syrup.

Daiquiri • £9.40
Rum, cane sugar, lime, strawberries.

Spanish Twist • £8.75
Gingerlime gin, lime & lemongrass tonic water,
orange twist.

Kir Royale • £8.65
Prosecco, Chambord.

Blue Spice • £8.65
Blue Gin, elderflower cordial, ginger beer.

Non alcoholic cocktails are also available Please ask a member of staff for details

Wine by the Glass

Sparkling Wine 125ml

Prosecco • £6.15……Prosecco Rosé • £6.15

White Wine 125ml 175ml

House White £3.80 £4.95

Soave £4.40 £5.85

Pinot Grigio £4.90 £7.80

Sauvignon Blanc £5.75 £8.35

Red Wine 125ml 175ml

House Red £3.80 £4.95

Merlot £4.70 £6.75

Barbera d’Asti £5.20 £7.10

Malbec Argentina £5.60 £7.95

Rosé 125ml 175ml

House Rosé £4.30 £5.20

Pinot Grigio Blush £4.30 £5.70

White Zinfandel £4.70 £6.10

Prosecco Italy £29.50

Prosecco Rosé Italy £29.50

Champagne Lamotte France £58.90

Veuve Clicquot France £68.50

Laurent Perrier Rosé France £83.50

Louis Roederer France £95.50

White Wine

House White – Italy £19.50

Soave – Italy £22.90

Pinot Grigio – Italy £27.10

Falanghina – Italy £32.55

Sauvignon Blanc – Italy £29.75

Albariño – Spain £36.25

Gavi di Gavi – Italy £37.85

Chenin Blanc – South Africa £38.25

Chablis – France £43.50

House White – Italy £19.50

Soave – Italy £22.90

Pinot Grigio – Italy £27.10

Falanghina – Italy £32.55

Sauvignon Blanc – Italy £29.75

Albariño – Spain £36.25

Gavi di Gavi – Italy £37.85

Chenin Blanc – South Africa £38.25

Chablis – France £43.50

House Red – Italy £19.50

Merlot – Italy £25.95

Barbera d’Asti – Italy £26.15

Malbec – Argentina £29.95

Chianti Riserva – Italy £32.95

Primitivo – Italy £33.80

Bordeaux – France £38.50

Barolo – Italy £64.95

Amarone – Italy £69.25

House Rosé – Italy £22.50

Pinot Grigio Blush – Italy £23.95

White Zinfandel – California £24.50

Moretti Half £2.95 Pint £5.45

Thatcher’s Gold Half £2.60 Pint £4.50

Nastro Azzurro 330ml £3.95

69°N Organic Classic 330ml £4.65

69°N Organic Pale Ale 330ml £4.65

Alhambra Reserva 1925 330ml £4.15

Beck’s Blue 330ml £3.25

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime 500ml £4.70

Coke 330ml £2.70

Diet Coke 330ml £2.70

Lemonade 330ml £2.70

Lime & Lemonade 330ml £2.70

Orange & Lemonade 330ml £2.70

Fruit Cordial 330ml £1.95

Soda Water 330ml £1.95

Lime & Soda 330ml £2.15

Orange & Soda 330ml £2.55

Tonic Water £2.25

Ginger Ale £2.70

Fruit Juice £2.95

Appletiser £2.95

Elderflower Drink £2.95

J2O £3.15

Avalis Icelandic Glacier Mineral Water

Still or Sparkling 350ml £2.99 750ml £4.99

Espresso £2.30

Double Espresso £3.10

Macchiato £2.50

Black/White Coffee £3.10

Cappuccino/Latte £3.50

Mocha £3.70

Hot Chocolate £3.20

English Black Tea £2.80

Peppermint Tea £2.80

Fruit Tea £2.80

Affogato £4.20

Floater Coffee £4.10

Liqueur Coffee £5.90

Smirnoff 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Grey Goose 25ml £5.60 50ml £8.70

Bacardi 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Bombay Sapphire 25ml £4.15 50ml £7.15

Hendricks 25ml £4.35 50ml £7.80

Jameson’s 25ml £4.15 50ml £7.15

Glenfiddich 25ml £4.15 50ml £7.15

Talisker 25ml £4.70 50ml £8.15

Glenmorangie 25ml £4.70 50ml £8.15

Gentleman Jack 25ml £4.35 50ml £7.70

Tequila 25ml £4.15 50ml £6.95

Vecchia Romagna 25ml £4.15 50ml £6.95

Courvoisier VS 25ml £4.15 50ml £7.15

Remy Martin VSOP 25ml £4.70 50ml £8.15

Hennessy XO 25ml £15.15 50ml £26.15

Grappa 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Disaronno 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Tia Maria 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Baileys 50ml £6.95

Malibu 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Archers 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Southern Comfort 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Sambuca 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Cointreau 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Grand Marnier 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Chambord 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Limoncello 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Strega 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Averna 25ml £3.95 50ml £6.95

Any Mixers to Spirits or Liqueurs • £1.00


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